Learn How To Make Serious Money in 
Real Estate by leveraging Surplus Funds! 
Learn How To Make Serious Money in 
Real Estate by leveraging 
Surplus Funds! 
(Stress Free, $0 up-front)
(Stress Free, $0 up-front)
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 Stop competing in highly saturated real estate markets
Stop competing in highly saturated real estate markets
 Stop wasting time and money on failing real estate investments
Stop wasting time and money on failing real estate investments
We have a $0 risk solution that will relieve financial stress
 We have a $0 risk solution that will relieve financial stress
Take advantage now! The answer is Surplus Funds”
This is a Free Service and no credit card is required.
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Past Surplus Fund Success Stories
Paul & Lawrence
A Father and Son team from Dallas, Texas.  Paul and Lawrence have absolutely killed it with Surplus Funds.  They got 3 deals in there first 14 days after joining us on the webclass, and have continue using what they learned from Surplus Fund Mastery every day!
Maria is an absolute sweetheart, she is a single mother and has tried to get into investing before via wholesaling and fix and flips with very little success. Within 30 days of joining our webinar she made over $22,000 in commission with her first deal!
So what is Surplus Funds?
Secret #1: How we make thousands by helping foreclosed homeowners recieve GIANT checks
There are thousands of backlogged and current surplus funds sitting in court houses all throughout California waiting to be released back to their rightful owner...
the best part is that you can do these deals without EVER leaving your house!
Secret #2: How to become a master deal-generator in minutes
In order to get most real estate deals you have to sell your services...but the cool thing is with Surplus Funds you aren't selling anything, in fact you are GIVING people money! And who doesn't want FREE Money??
Secret #3: How To Find High Converting Surplus Fund Leads
The hardest part of doing surplus fund deals (well really any real estate deals) is finding leads...its not that there are a lack of them. In fact there were over 1600 recorded surplus funds just in LA county in the last two years alone. So we are going to show you a secret website that has all of the leads you can handle!
Why does this work?
Surplus Fund Recovery is special because...
  • We are contacting leads that other investors literally forgot about!
  •  With Surplus Fund Recovery we don't risk any money because there are no deposits, or fees we have to pay!
  •  Almost nobody knows about Surplus Funds, meaning there is virtually no competition!
Learn Exactly How to do this in our step-by-step Webinar
  • What are Surplus Funds & How do we make money off of them?
  •  Where can I find leads?
  •  How can I get lawyers to handle all of my cases for FREE?
  •  What system can I build to potentially 10x my business and my income?
  •  How can I capitalize on this breakthrough investing strategy?
  •  What tactics can I use to get close more of my deals?
  •  How should I talk to potential clients on the phone? What keywords should I use?
  •  What's the best way to get started, even though I don't have experience with Surplus Funds?
  •  How can I track down my leads using social media?
  •  How were you able to double your income in a few months without ever hearing of Surplus Funds before?
  •  And much, much more!
Who are we?
Spencer Vann
A Real Estate Agent and Investing Expert, Spencer Vann has been involved with over $12,000,000 of Residential Real Estate Transactions and consulted on hundreds of deals for other investors.

Spencer remains an extremely active Real Estate Investor and Surplus Fund Recovery Expert. Spencer is also a speaker, educator and mentor.

With the one of the fastest growing real estate accounts on Instagram, his goal is to grow to over 1m on IG in the next 2 years.

Spencer Vann is the CEO and founder of Real Estate Investing Secrets a Real Estate Education Company.

He lives with in beautiful Southern California, just minutes away from Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

You can connect with Spencer on Instagram @spencerjvann.
David Church
My name is David Church, as a kid I would sell avocados door to door, and had my first paper route at the age of 10. Later in my 20's I got started in Real Estate. I was always having to put up huge earnest money deposits, being outbid, and houses were not always as good as people said they were. I have successfully flipped over 50 properties including wholesaling, rehabbing, and partnering up with other investors. One of my properties was filmed by the famous show "House Hunters." Several of my properties have sold quickly, and have made Redfin's hot home lists.

We volunteer with church groups, serve the homeless, and like to give to St. Jude's Children Hospital and Make a Wish, as well as support other youthful organizations.

In 2014 I had a condo that was brought to me within 24 hours of auction in Paramount, CA. It was too late to call the bank, although I tried, it went for auction, and sold for over the asking price. The young man who inherited this condo didn't even know he had funds coming to him after it went for auction. As I continued buying & flipping properties there are several that I came across that had these funds. People didn't know they had these funds. I have spoke to people that have had $30,000.00 all the way up to $150,000.00 - and they don't even know they had this money coming back to them, which is why I believe Surplus Funds is an enormous opportunity for people looking to make money...join us o the webinar for more!!
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